My interest and passion for well being through nutrition started over a decade ago when I was searching for information on how to better prepare my body for pregnancy.  I soon  realised that there was very little information available in the mainstream regarding nutritional needs before pregnancy and that most resources focused on your needs when already pregnant.  This made no sense to me as I knew that in order to be healthy during pregnancy one must surely be in good health before you even attempt to conceive -subsequently my journey to understanding the intricate biochemistry of the body and it's response to food and nutrients began.  In 2011 my family and I moved to London from Cape Town  and I decided to further my studies to become a qualified nutritional therapist.  My life and health have been dramatically changed through the power of real food and it is now my life's goal to help others to find that place of optimum health through the amazing resources that nature has provided.  Through my studies I became acutely aware that a healthy lifestyle is not only dependent on eating the right food but also on creating the right environment in your home and on your body.  I have been working as a freelance makeup artist in the fashion and bridal industry since 1997, alongside being  a model for 15 years.  I knew that it was vital that I take my understanding of health and wellness over into my world of make-up - this of course, makes absolute sense as your skin is your largest organ and an outward reflection of your internal health in many ways.  I now use only natural and organic beauty products at home and professionally and have never looked back. With  the many wonderful natural options available on the market  to us today (and having tried and tested many!),  I look forward to helping you implement the lifestyle and health changes that work for you.                         

Sjaniël Turrell - CNMDip Nutritional Therapy